Raddest Photo Trip Ever with Bobby Earle – Thailand


I went on the Raddest Photo Trip Ever led by Bobby Earle this past December. I have always wanted to go to Thailand and Cambodia, just never had someone to go with. So I jumped the gun and went. Not something I would normally do alone but I did it, and I cannot explain how amazing it was! Our first day, we flew into Phuket and stayed a few days on the island at the Karon Living Room.

Our first day we got hit by a monsoon! Yes!!! You heard that right…a monsoon! We were at the beach for maybe about 30 minutes or so, and then the monsoon hit us. And what did some of us do? Well the girls and I looked at each other…and ran into the ocean! The boys joined and we had the time of our lives! You can see some of the photos from that on Bobby’s blog here. After that, we went to watch a cobra show. To say I was scared is an understatement! Watching someone kissing a cobra was insane! After the cobra show, we decided to go to a shooting range! I did pretty good I think, for my second time shooting!

Forgot to mention….because of the monsoon…my digital camera broke! So all I had was my film camera and my point and shoot. These were taken on my point and shoot.


[…] in Cambodia! Ummm how amazing is that? Yes…I got to play with tons of animals on my trip. Cobras, Elephants, Tigers and now…Monkeys! Can you say best trip ever???? I sure […]

[…] in Cambodia! Ummm how amazing is that? Yes…I got to play with tons of animals on my trip. Cobras, Elephants, Tigers and now…Monkeys! Can you say best trip ever???? I sure […]

Great post, waiting to see the rest. Somebody good must have taken the one of you with the gun! I will be thinking of you when I go back on RPTE 2013 😉

yes….a really awesome guy took that picture 😉

OMG!!!! You are going? I am so SO jealous!

I may be biased, but I think your point and shoot film camera looks better than any $6000 digital camera out there. Beautiful color. The Cobra shop looks amazing!

Nice work Diana! I love the sequence of the snake park entrance and then the shot of the real snake. Cool! Also really love the shot of the boat on the water. Great job capturing this low light!

Thank you ken!!

amazing!!! such an experience… lucky girl :)) and beautiful pictures

First of all, can I just say how dang jealous I am of you?! I can’t wait to be able to go on trip with Mr. Earle! haha
I really really like these photos! The ones of Freedom Beach are just GORGEOUS!

Lex- all I can say is GO GO GO!!! It was the best trip…my first time to southeast Asia and wasn’t sure what to do if I were to go alone. Bobby did such an amazing job leading us everywhere and we were so taken care of. It was the most amazing trip that I’m dying to do another trip with bobby again! You won’t regret it for sure! 🙂

very cool shots of an exciting place. I had always planned to go to Cambodia but never made it. I too went to Thailand and your wonderful photos bring me right back.

Thanks wendy!!! If you ever get the chance to go back…you should really visit Cambodia. It’s my favorite!! And I’m dying to go back this year!