We are James and Diana, a husband and wife team based in Southern California and Toronto, Canada. Our journey started just a few short years ago. James, a graphic designer from southern Ontario and Diana, a film photographer from southern California. Individually, we have a decade of professional experience. Together, an immeasurable amount of creativity.

Diana loves all things beautiful. Cups of hot chocolate, morning devotions, aromatic flowers and teas. She loves the smell of surf, serving others, endearing smiles and intricate fabrics. She is vibrant, caring, and full of personality. James sees beauty where beauty is yet to exist. In design, antiques and old properties. He has a creative mind, a big heart, and infectious laugh.  He loves everything vanilla, coffee dates, glossy magazines and quality cuisine.

Together, we love Jesus, our family, our friends, and most of all each other. We are incredibly fortunate to have found one another and to share in a profession that allows us to indulge in what we love – including travel. We think God writes the best love stories.

One last thing we love – meeting new people and making new friends! We would love to hear your thoughts and try to help you in any way we can. So feel free to comment on our blog, or always feel free to send us an email! We look forward to getting to know you! dianamariephoto [at] gmail.com

Visit often, comment regularly, and love fully. xoxo.