My Photography Style

Natural Light Wedding and Lifestyle Photography

My goal as a photographer is to capture the moments as you remember them, in a romantic and timeless way. The genuine emotions and raw feelings of your engagement or wedding session is what you’ll see captured in my photos.

I enjoy shooting luxurious, outdoor weddings and especially love doing smaller, intimate weddings at private estates, vineyards, villas or even in one’s own backyard. Intimate weddings allow me the time to capture special moments that I normally might not get the time to shoot.

My photography is timeless and shooting on a film camera helps me accomplish this. I love film; its nostalgic character, rich tones, depth, and amazing color are what make me so passionate about it. Nothing compares to the romantic quality and life your images have when shot on film.

Film has taught me to be more patient and purposeful photographer, I get the shots I want in less frames. Shooting film is a big part of how I tell your story. The end result is gorgeous photos, developed and scanned by an amazing lab and sent to me as digitals for you.

I find some of the best photography can be captured outside where the light is natural. It’s not uncommon for me to book a couple’s shoot in the early hours of the morning or in the late evening when the light is glowing