Raddest Photo Trip Ever with Bobby Earle


We drove from Kanchanaburi, Thailand to the border of Cambodia, and walked across the border. From there we had another drive all the way to Siem Reap. The second you cross the border, I feel like you already could tell a difference between the two countries. We drove for a few hours, and saw many rice fields and just the pure beauty of the countryside of Cambodia.

Our first night there, we quickly made a stop to get a glimpse of the many temples that we were going to see the next few days. My first night I also got to see my cousins! They moved to Cambodia and opened up a place to help young girls get out of sex-trafficing. They are working with a wonderful organization called Agape International Missions (AIM)….and you can follow my cousins and the wonderful work they are doing here.

You’ll notice in throughout my trip, even in Thailand…I took quite a few picture of the children. Kids are just a passion of mine. I love them. Something about these Cambodian kids though….I.wanted.to.take.every.single.one.home! They were beautiful. Anyway, here is a few pictures to my amazing time in Cambodia.