Raddest Photo Trip Ever with Bobby Earle – Floating Village


My last day with the group, before they left home, we visited the Floating Village on Tonle Sap Lake. I don’t know what it is about this village. But

People ask me how my trip was…and I say amazing….but words cannot describe Cambodia. I absolutely, whole heartily LOVE it! There are so many extremes that you see there, from crazy expensive hotels, to people living and sleeping on pieces of bamboo stuck together that they made for their bed, with a little hut over it. The love for life that these Cambodians have, is one that I haven’t experienced before. Yes, lots are poor..and kids start working at such a young age. Tons of sex-trafficing happening in the country, yet they all seem so full of life, taking in every day with lots of joy with the little that they have. They are friendly, happy, accepting, love life and so much more. I can’t really put Cambodia into words…this is the best I can explain of it. I absolutely love it there. And I am dying to go back one day! A big piece of my heart was left there.

I just want to say thank you to Bobby for this trip. Putting it together and making it one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever encountered! I will forever remember this trip! Bobby goes out once a year to visit. You do not have to be a photographer to go on this trip. Half my group wasn’t! If you love traveling…that is all you need! You can sign up for his newsletter here, before he announces it on his blog! I went by myself, not knowing one person on the trip. I absolutely loved my group and miss them all a ton! If you are wanting an amazing trip, and have always wanted to visit Thailand and Cambodia, I highly recommend going on this trip! Thank you thank you Bobby for this! My life will never be the same!


Absolutely love that last photo. So so awesome.