Amazing News at Diana Marie Photography

Et Cetera Family

I have some amazing news that I am SO excited to share with everyone!! My loving boyfriend James is joining me and my business! YAY! Once I move and we will be in the same city, it will be in full effect! This year, we will be doing a few things together, and I couldn’t be more excited to have him by my side! Its been something on my heart for as long as I could remember to one day work together with my future spouse…and its finally happening! My heart is so full and so happy! Not only because I have the most amazing person in my life, but that he wants to be apart of something I am so passionate about too! So I’m forever grateful for James and to embark this journey of having him along side me in the future!

James took some maternity pictures for his sister recently. I thought I’d share some with you! Please give James a warm welcome. xoxo


this is SUCH exciting news!! I KNEW you two would be perfect together!!!! 🙂 James, these images are great!! YAY!!!!

Congratulations on your new journey together! This is great news all around! Baby girls are so much fun!

thank you!!
and yes, im so excited to meet his little niece next month 🙂

congrats on the great news!! how exciting!!

Thanks for the compliments on the photo guys. Very excited to learn from Diana and grow as a photographer (or try to at least :p)

These pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on the very exciting journey ahead for both of you.

Does this mean you’re LEAVING CALIFORNIA!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well, congratulations my dear. My heart is happy for yours. 🙂

mai…not just yet…but it will happen 😉
we for sure have all year to work together and see each other!
thank you for your sweet words and for being happy for me!

WOHOOOOOOO!!! You and James are going to make an amazing team. And these pictures are beautiful!!

Woo hoo for such exciting news, I love it 🙂 Great job on the photos James! They turned out fantastic and your sister is way too adorable 🙂

Thanks Beth. I just creeped your website and have to say like-wise, i enjoyed your work.