God writes the best love stories!

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I don’t know where to even begin writing! So I’ll start from the very beginning! I’ll post some pictures here and there, so you don’t get bored reading my story!

My sweet friend Liz, told a certain boy about me and how she thinks we would be so perfect together! Without knowing she told him, James started following me on twitter! I followed him back, because I thought it was fun that theres a guy in the wedding industry who is Romanian, and also has the same last name as my sisters best friend! James went on and messaged me about my work, and that he loved it. Let me back up for a second, and tell you…James lives in Canada, right outside of Toronto. Back to my story..from what I remember we exchanged a few messages back and forth for a day or two. Then, Liz told me she told a boy about me! I asked her if it was James, and showed her my conversation on twitter…and she said YES…thats him! I immediately stopped talking to him. I just gave him sort of a cold shoulder. I didn’t want to get hooked up, or even do long distance!

Well it wasn’t long that we started talking by mid March. I was constantly hesitant and gaurded. I didn’t want a heart break. I was tired of guys playing games. I just wanted someone to just be straight forward and honest. Slowly by slowly God was showing me that I needed to trust Him on this, and let myself open up. I felt as every week that I was chatting with James, God was answering a prayer that I never knew I had, or just showing me something through James that I always wanted and desired. So slowly I started to like him. I always did from day one, now that I look back at it. But at the moment in time, I didn’t want to let myself like anyone really. lol I was too afraid. My heart was breaking for what was going on in my life with my family too, that it was so hard to let myself like anyone, for the fear of one day, something like that could happen to me! But God was literally holding my hand in this! He constantly told me on a weekly basis to open my heart more and more and showing me this was His Will for me! Before I knew it I was head over heals over James! So much so, that a month or so after officially dating, I already knew I LOVED James and that he was the one for me!

We made it official June 18th,2011 that we are dating…and he came out to visit me for the first time in November. I can’t explain the excitement I had waiting for him and to finally meet! I actually had a ton of mixed emotions the closer I got to the airport. lol I was excited, but crazy nervous! I mean we went 8 months of talking tons and knowing so much about each other, and I knew without a doubt in my mind that I LOVED James. But actually meeting in person, was so beyond my comfort zone since we went 8 month of just talking on the phone, or via Skype. Its just a different thing in person, and I was so scared out of my mind…and started thinking, what if we don’t hit it off in person…what if for some reason we don’t connect…what if I envisioned something about him differently since I never seen him…what if this, what if that…but the second I saw him coming down the escalator at the airport and I saw him….all my nervousness and thoughts all disappeared and i just felt like my heart was so beyond full and so happy the second i laid my eyes on him! seriously! might sound so cheesy but its the truth! He came down for a few days and he met my mom, sister, brother in law, nephew and 3 of my friends. It was such a busy weekend, and it went by so so fast! But in the middle of his visit, he told me that he loved me! And it was seriously the most amazing feeling to hear him say that! i secretly was wishing/hoping he would tell me that, and he did! I had wanted to tell him that i loved him for so long…and finally was able to…in person! It’s an amazing feeling!

Fast forward to this summer, as of August 3rd,2012….I am officially engaged to the man of my dreams! I couldn’t be any more blessed! James thank you for being YOU! I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you, and to be able to say that I’m your wife! You are mine, and I am yours…forever! I love you more than words can say!

ps. theres so much more to this story…i tried to keep it as short as I could! lol I’ve had a few emails and requests to start writing about my process of wedding planning…so I figured what better way to start, than to give you a little history our lives together. Next week I’ll be writing all about the proposal! stay tuned!

pps. the last image was taken by my good friend Erich McVey at my sisters wedding.

Congratulations Diana and James! Wow Diana thank you so much for sharing your beautiful love story that was written my Our Lord and saviour! You are a shining example for the ladies out there. May God bless yours and James marriage! God bless you always!
love Emma &
The Ramlo Family

I’m so happy for you! God bless you both! You are going to be a gorgeous bride and I cannot WAIT to see pictures!!! Yayyyyyy

Beautiful, love hearing it again. <3. We must get together before you become Canadian eh.

Diana, I’m so incredibly happy for you! I read this with the biggest smile on my face the whole way through. May God continue to richly bless you and James. I can’t think of anyone more deserving 🙂

so incredibly happy for you …. can’t wait to hear all the details when i get home. Lets go for coffee and catch up . xoxo

Awwww Diana I am not only THRILLED for you, but so thankful for the journey you went on and it’s example to us that the Lord really does know best. The fact that you WAITED instead of settling for some guy that wasn’t good for you is such an example and you and James are so adorable together!! Loved reading this sweet story. Big hugs to you!

What a sweet sweet love story! You are right, God writes the BEST love stories!! He is a true romantic and He knows exactly what we need! So happy for you two and am excited to read about your wedding planning!! Such a special, fun time!

<3 Denise

Congratulations Diana and James!!!! So incredibly happy for you both!!!! God is soo good and faithful!!

-Sammy, Natalia & Saylah

p.s. We loved your invitation! It’s a poster we can hang up for all to see! HAHAHA… Awesome idea!

Diana, I’m so happy for you and James! Thank you for sharing your story of how you two met. It’s so sweet how God works out all these things 🙂

Love this! Can not wait to read more 🙂 What a great love story.