A Whimsical Outdoor Wedding at the Heritage Museum of Orange County, California


A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography1 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography2 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography3 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography4 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography5 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography6 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography7 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography8 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography9 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography10 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography11 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography12 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography13 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography14 A-Whimsical-Wedding-Heritage-Museum-of-Orange-County-Diana-Marie-Photography15

I was so happy to have been asked by my friend Sammy to photograph this gorgeous wedding with him after I moved back to Southern California from Portland. When I got to the Heritage Museum and started walking around the property to see all the details, I was in love! It was a travel themed wedding…and for those that know me, I LOVE to travel.  Jesi Haak and her wonderful team did an amazing job planning this wedding. Besides the amazing details, Shauna and Kris were the sweetest couple whose love for each other was very evident.

Thank you Shauna and Kris for letting me a part of your special day. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful marriage. “May your love be modern enough to keep up with the times, but old-fashioned enough to last forever.” – from the best man’s speech

Wedding Designer: Jesi Haack | Flowers: Bunch Studio | Venue: Heritage Museum | Hair: Beauty and the Hair | Videography: Ashley Video Productions | Desserts: My Sweet and Saucy


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Wow. I am blown away. The wedding details are awesome and your photos really conveyed the joyful and whimsical style of this couple. Heart!

I love all the details! How cute!!!

Love it Diana! Amazing shots! 🙂