A Sacramento Family Photography Session at Apple Hill


I love my family. Time with my loved ones means so much to me. Even if we just stay home talking and spending quality time together…I love it all! I love my cousins more than anything, even their most precious/amazing children…they hold  a special place in my heart. My cousin Steve and his wife Lygia, have felt it on their heart and led by God to go serve as missionaries in Cambodia for a year. They will be helping rescue children, fighting sex-trafficking, and building churches and so much more. They leave in less than a month. I’m sad because I’m going to miss them, and I can’t just visit and see them anytime I want to this next year. But I am beyond thrilled to see where God leads them, and the work He will be doing through them.

I pray for your safety, for strength to endure, for peace and comfort, for knowledge, for health, and all of His love and blessings upon you. Know that I will be always thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. I’m so happy that I will be able to see you soon…but as for the rest of the time, we will have to keep in touch on Skype. I love you dearly.


ps. You can follow my cousin’s on their blog or facebook in this next year, to see the work they will be doing. If you feel inclined to help donate money to help them out while they are there, you can follow the link here. Thank you <3


Beautiful photos as usual! I will be keeping your cousins in prayer as God takes them on this amazing journey!