Our Engagement Party

Et Cetera

Steckle Heritage Farm is where our engagement party was held, on October 6th, 2012! I just want to say thank you to Christine for capturing all these photos! We will treasure them forever. Thank you so much for being there with us and for letting me share these images!

I also want to thank Liz for literally driving out from a trip she was on, just to come be a part of this for a few hours, and then she drove back! You are the BEST!!! Thank you to everyone who made this day possible! Although it was really cold and windy, you enjoyed your time and you were there to share your excitement with us, and for that we are grateful! xo


Hey Diana! I just saw this post now and I have to say thank you so much for having me come along! It was a pleasure to be a part of the day and finally meet you! I wish you and James all the best in 2013 and hope our paths cross again soon! xo

Oh wow! PLEASE tell me those adorable people holding your hands are James’ relatives – they are super cute! Love all these images Diana! Absolutely amazing! XO

courtney, those are james’ adorable grandparents!!! i just love them. 🙂

Wow Diana! This is beautiful! If your engagement party was this beautiful, I can’t wait to see how gorgeous your wedding will be!

oh gosh, julie! thank you.
i can’t wait to see how our wedding will be either! 🙂