My Rose Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

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Diana Marie Photography Oval Engagement Ring


OK, I’ve gotten quite a few texts, emails and facebook messages, saying “I searched all over, and I can’t find a picture of your ring…I’m dying to see it” or just simply “I want to see your ring!” So I just figured that after two months with no one seeing a picture of it…I might as well just show it to you here!

He did amazing…didn’t he???!!!! James custom made this ring for me. It took him almost 6 months for it to get perfected to the way he liked it, which ultimately was why it took him so long to propose and it makes it even that more special that he wanted it to be perfect. I love it! I seriously feel so blessed to have him in my life.


This may be the prettiest ring I have ever seen, so unique and timeless! Would you be able to give me some info as to the carat size and the jeweller used? Thanks and best wishes!!

This is gorgeous! Everything I’ve been looking for. Do you mind the questions? Size? Metal? Cost? Any further insight you have would be amazing. It’s truly special.

Thanks! Wishing all the best.

Beautiful ring! I have never seen anything like it or anything as beautiful. I’m searching for engagement rings right now. Would you be willing to tell me what size the center and accent diamonds are, what kind of gold it is, and how much the total cost was? I’m trying to get ideas about what I would like. Also, do your diamonds have a white tint to them? They seem whiter that most, but maybe it’s just the picture coloring.

Thank you so much!

Hi there!
Please would you mind emailing me some other views of your ring? Side views perhaps?

Also what size is the diamond in the center, and would you mind my asking what the total cost of the ring was? I want to see if it is feasible for us to recreate.

It is SO beautiful!

Thank you so much

Hi, Please could you send any extra photos of this gorgeous ring to me? I’m also hoping to get this ring designed for my engagement and I would be so grateful if you could share it with me.

I have a couple of questions:

* Is it a cluster or halo ring?
* Is the band in yellow gold and the cluster / prongs in white gold?

Thanks so much.

Sara x

This ring is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see more pictures and know through where it was designed!

My daughter is in love with this ring and we would love to get more info and pics of it. What kind of gold and a side view. Your ring has been a big hit for many!

Hi, I am also in the design process currently and would love to see what the ring looks like on your finger. Also what size is the diamond?

In the designing process currently and would love to see profile view or any other photos. Very inspiring ring.

Please can I have side photos please?! Absolutely love this ring!

Hey just wondering if you could sent me a side view of this ring. Very pretty!!! PLEASE PLEASE get back to me! It would gladly appreciate it!!! Thanks!

Sure thing, emailing you!

I would love to see it as well!

Hi I Love this ring where did he go to get it made?

Hi! I have been obsessed with your ring for months after I found it on Pinterest! I’m looking to design something similar and was wondering if you could share who your (obviously amazing) husband designed it with? The craftsmanship is just gorgeous. Thank you in advance!

Can you PLEASE send a profile/side view???? Thank you sooo much!

Can you please let me know where you had this ring custom made? It is such an amazing ring!

I have been looking for a very long time for an engagement ring? And I have to say ! This is it!! Gorgeous

Hi there! I just stumbled onto your ring on Pinterest and I must say it is stunning!! Where and how did he get the custom work done? I just love it! Thanks for sharing!

This ring is stunning! Could I ask how much it was done for, and where you got it done? Also what kind of diamond is it, it has a white-sparkle no other dimond really has. Would love to hear from you 🙂
You have great taste!

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OMG!! This ring is gorgeous!!

My boyfriend is looking at getting a ring custom made…can I ask where this was done at!

It’s wonderful!

i love it diana!!!! i couldnt be happier for you! you deserve the best!!! <3 you

He did an amazing job!! It’s beautiful!!

aww absolutely gorgeous! Good job, James!! =] Diana, I’m soo happy for the two of you!

oh my gosh, just BEAUTIFUL!! i’m all about unique looking rings and this one sure is 🙂

beautiful. i love brilliant and oval cuts those are my favorite!! awesome.

Love it so much! He did great!