The Art of Directing



A few months ago, when Tanja Lippert announced her new workshop days, I was debating if I should go! It was during the week, so I had to take a day off from work and just wasn’t sure. Then one day, I met with a local photographer for coffee for the very first time, Gina Emerson, and we talked for hours and got along right off the bat! A few days later we email each other and we both felt 50/50 about the workshop. One day, I asked myself…why am I holding myself back?! Money and time will always be an issue! So if I go now, or if I go later…it will be the same thing. So I told Gina and we signed up and went! And I am so glad that I did. I feel like I am still constantly learning how to “direct” and I seem to have to constantly remind myself of what I learned from Tanja…but that’s why her workshop is just so good! It has stuck with me and is in my mind most of the time when I shoot! Honestly I think I would take it once more, so I can really have things stick to me better. Anyway..Tanja and her best friend Tia Reagan are absolutely so much fun together! There is never a dull moment! For those of you who don’t know, Tanja is a film shooter. (I will have a post on film one day, need to find some old images of mine.) This is my second “workshop” that I’ve done and as you all know the first was with Jose Villa and you can see those images here. I don’t know what it is…about what attracts me to these film lovers(maybe because I used to love film myself, and trying to slowly get back into it)…but I absolutely love learning from them! They are just kind, genuine, warm-loving people and that’s what I love most about them!

Since we were learning on how to “direct”, Tanja thought it would be nice if we will have a real couple and not models. So she invited her friend Luke and his girlfriend, Pamela! They are just a beautiful couple! So here are some pictures from the day that I took! Enjoy!




Hun, these are absolutely gorgeous. they BELONG in a magazine…i’m beyond happy for you and your new blog! GO YOU!

Wow! Your site and your photography is incredible! Well done~

thank you thank you!

beautiful, stunning, ah so gorgeous!

LOVE!!!!! keep it up sister!

Wow!! These are beautiful!! Great looking couple and the color orange works so well. Love them!

Oh di!!! These photos are breathtaking! So bohemian!! Great job!!

thanks hun! xoxo

These are fantastic! I love the colors.

These are beautiful!!!! Great job, D!

Diane, these are wonderful! I LOVE the colors, the feel, the old romance of the images. Well done!

thank you jennifer!!!

These are wonderful Diana!! Oh my goodness, I love LOVE every one of them. xo