Anniversary Love Photo Session in La Habra Heights, California


La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography1 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography2 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography3 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography4 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography5 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography6 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography7 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography8 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography9 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography10 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography11 La-Habra-Heights-Anniversary-Session-by-Diana-Marie-Photography12

Valentina and her husband Matt’s love for each other is so evident…it made my heart so happy. I love seeing people so in love! Valentina and Matt met in Florida, got married and now live in Southern California! So thankful that you both are here, because I look forward to seeing you two more often and becoming great friends.

Thank you for letting me capture your love. I hope your love for each other continues to grow.


Andrea, you are so sweet! And Alex, I cant believe my hair just got a compliment! That just made my week. You wouldnt even believe how rebellious that bad boy is!

Diana, again, you’re awesome! I said that already but had the need to say it again!

Gorgeous light and I love the skin tones in these photos. Valentina, you and your husband make a beautiful couple!

You did it again! SOOOO beautiful! Love <3

Lovely photos! And how does she get her hair so perfect?? 🙂

LOVE that last one. Just gorgeous work. Really nicely done!

Wow, these are so amazing Diana!! LOVE!

love, especially the last photo.

so good. i really enjoy your work.

Gorgeous, beautiful photos. Love love love!

Diana, these are simply stunning! You have a beautiful gift!

Diana, you are THE best!!! Thank you so much for taking these photos! I love them, love the feel of them. AH! Thank you!!

Ah Diana! These are LOVELY!!! Beautiful images! 🙂

Beautiful, joyful couple! I can sense their love for each other in these gorgeous pictures, Diana! Wonderful job:)